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Shop online now for Fairy Houses, Fairy Dolls, Mermaid Dolls, Princess Hats, Clay Mushrooms, Miniature Wind Chimes, Exotic Clothing, Dresses, Harem Pants, Belly Dance Scarves, Festival Wear, Flower Crowns, Light Up Hair Wreaths, Miniature Fairy Lanterns, Fairy Dust with Miniature Wands.

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SALE! Twig Gazebo with White Daisies
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$11.00 Size: 7'' Tall
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Blue Miniature Fairy Dust with Tiny Silver Magic Star Wand
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$6.00 Size: 1 1/2''
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Magic Fairy Portals
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Magic Fairy Portal Doorway Sparkly Mirror Pretend Garden Elf
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$20.00 Size: 6'' Tall
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Silver Unicorn Necklace on Pretty Green Ribbon
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Head Wear
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Adjustable Size Hair Wreath with Blue Ribbon - Fuschia Flowers and White Decor
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Miniature Fairy Garden with Silver Wind Chimes
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$15.00 Size: 6'' Tall
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Fairy Wings
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Butterfly Sparkly Fairy Wings for Small Dolls - Dark Pink - 3 inches
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$20.00 Size: 6'' Tall
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Fairy Garden Signs
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Fairy Garden Miniature Sign 4'' Unicorn Crossing
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$6.00 Size: 4''
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Fairy Furniture
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Fairy Garden Clothesline Fairy Dress Iridescent Wings Clothespins Miniature
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$20.00 Size: 6'' Tall
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Deluxe Forest Friend Miniature Fairy Doll Removable Clothes Green Tulle Skirt
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$20.00 Size: 6'' Tall
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Doll Blanket - Pillow
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Kelly Green Felt Doll or Fairy Blanket with Matching Pillow
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$8.00 Size: 7.5''
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Black and Orange Pirate Dress Up Costume Halloween Party Child Girl - Size 11 - 14
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$25.00 Size: Size 11 - 14
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Aqua & Teal Silk Tie Dye Dress with Layered Skirt and Shoulder Ties - One Size
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$25.00 Size: One Size

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